This $17 TikTok-Viral hack works ‘better than plastic wrap’ to keep your produce fresh longer

I like cook up a storm As Chief Carmy of the bear (minus the chaos and shouting), and with that comes the cleanup. I never quite know what to do with the little bits of zucchini and onions left on my cutting board. Should I put them in Tupperware? Can I find a plastic bag to store them? TikTok, as usual, has the answer. Users have found a hack that will extend the life of your fruits and vegetables and make storing them a breeze.

Food Huggers Silicone Reusable Storage Containers are round silicone lids that cover the ends of your used fruits, vegetables and canned foods. They will save you so much time searching for a container, Ziploc bag, aluminum foil, or plastic wrap, which, by the way, doesn’t always do the best job of storing your produce.

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As this TikTok from @teresalauracaruso which has accumulated nearly 700,000 views, food savers come in a variety of sizes so you should never be without a cover that fits perfectly. Teresa uses them to seal a lemon, an onion and a can of beans, showing how versatile and practical they can be in the kitchen.

Lids give you a airtight seal which prevents your food from spoiling quickly. They can cover tomatoes, apples, cucumbers, bananas, cheese, etc.

Best of all, they’re eco-friendly in that they’re reusable and eliminate single-use plastic in your kitchen. Plus, if you typically store your used goods in Tupperware, Food Savers will free up more space in your fridge.

Of course, you may need to clean your eyelids, but luckily they are dishwasherdurable and tear resistant.

Storing your food and keeping it fresh, while saving space and being earth-friendly has never been easier. take yours set of five lids for just $17 at Amazon, and ditch your bulky containers and plastic bags. It’s high time to enjoy your products for longer!

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Photo: Food Huggers.

Photo: Food Huggers.

Food Huggers Reusable Silicone Food… $16.99

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If you are still a little skeptical about these silicone lidstake it from buyers who have praised the product.

“I bought these in early November and have been using them for (three months). I have used them for red onions, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes – large and small – and the occasional banana,” one reviewer said. “I love them. I have the feeling that production lasts longer than if stored in a bag.

“These look so nice in your fridge, and they really saved me a lot of money from #1 throwing away less food and #2 not buying plastic wrap use once and throw away,” another shopper explained. “They really work and keep food fresh for a long time. I think they can even works better than plastic wrap which I never manage to stick anyway. They are easy to clean and store inside each other so they don’t take up much space. The fact that they are bright and cheerful colors is just a bonus. I can order a second set in different colors! »

When you frequently cook at home, a hack of any type can work wonders (work smarter, right?). Save food, fridge space, money and land with Food Huggers Silicone Reusable Storage Containers. Chef Carmy would certainly approve.

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