The “PUPS” Kids project aims to reduce plastic pollution

Port Washington, New York, USA – 06/15/2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Launch of the innovative program to reduce plastics for children

Basic environmental educationa New York-based environmental health nonprofit, is joining the global effort to address the plastics crisis with a new program called PUPS – “Pick up plastic stuff.” The program, on the web at, helps children learn more about the global plastics problem, encourages them to help reduce pollution by collecting single-use plastics before they enter surrounding surface waters or degrade into microplastics, and draw attention to the problem by posting short videos of their efforts on social media. A prize of $250 is offered for videos with the best creative content and the best social messaging.

“Single-use plastic pollution has gone from a waste issue to an existential issue for every living thing on our planet, from health issues related to chemicals used in plastic to microplastics now prevalent in our air, our water and our food,” says Grassroots Executive. Director Patti Wood, creator of the PUPS program. “Recent research confirms that microplastics are found in our blood and lung tissue, and the consequences of this disturbing finding are still unknown.”

Despite manufacturers and industry claims, most plastics are not recyclable. A recent report from the US Department of Energy showed that less than 5% of plastics entering the recycling stream are actually recycled. PUPS’ goal is to encourage food and beverage companies to stop using single-use plastic packaging by replacing non-plastic alternatives and investing in programs that use fully biodegradable or reusable containers.

PUPS kits, consisting of a pair of brown cotton gloves printed with the PUPS logo, a strong paper bag with woven handles and a brightly colored sticker with instructions for collection, are available on the site website.

The PUPS program is perfect for schools, scout groups, community organizations, religious institutions, families, and anyone else interested in helping reduce the global problem of plastic pollution. More info on

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