Sustainable home swaps in the top 5 rooms that generate the most plastic waste

Tania Leslau

Sustainable living is all the rage, and rightly so – but how can we implement conscious living in our own houses? From the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom, there are many ways to avoid excess plastic waste in our daily lives.

the Bower Collective revealed the rooms that produce the most plastic waste, so we know how to create a safer environment for our families and the planet. Keep scrolling to find out more…

1. Bathroom

63.7% of annual household plastic waste

According to Bower Collective, the bathroom produces 30.9 kg of plastic waste per household per year. The worst plastic pollutant in the shower is shower gel, followed by conditioner.

Some sustainable alternatives include reusable shower gels and shampoo/conditioner bars.

solid shampoo

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2. Laundry room

8.1% of annual household plastic waste

As if we didn’t love it enough already, doing laundry produces 3.93 kg of household plastic waste per household per year. The three biggest culprits in this room are fabric softener (which accounts for 20% of the room’s waste), glass and mirror cleaner (which accounts for 14.2%) and finally, something we’ve all been using a lot more since. the start of the pandemic, surface sanitizing spray (which also accounts for 14.2%).

Make sure your laundry is as eco-friendly as possible with sustainable, plant-based liquid laundry detergent.


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3. Kitchen

7.7% of annual household plastic waste

Even without the considerable contribution of plastic waste from food packaging, the kitchen produces 3.73 kg of plastic waste per household per year (excluding plastic from food waste). 22.1% of kitchen production can be attributed to kitchen cleaning spray alone. More thorough handwashing also means more plastic waste, as a fifth of all kitchen waste comes from handwash bottles. Dishwashing liquid also accounts for 11.5% of kitchen plastic waste.

Go for reusable hand sanitizer with these colorful pocket options that come with refillable liquid.

hand sanitizer

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4. Living room

6% of annual household plastic waste

Your living room produces 2.9 kg of plastic waste per household per year. Although it consumes a lot of energy from electrical appliances, this part produces very little single-use plastic waste.

Brighten up your sustainable living room with a beautiful plastic-free sofa.


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5. Bedroom

4.9% of annual household plastic waste

The chamber produces 2.4 kg of plastic waste per household per year, but there is one huge hot spot, which independently accounts for 79.2% of the chamber’s contribution: makeup. In a two-person household, you can expect to accumulate about 1.9 kg. of make-up waste per year. Lipstick is the biggest culprit as it accounts for 23% of single-use plastic waste in the bedroom and 29% of a makeup bag.

Organize a plastic-free makeup bag with an eco-friendly beauty bag.

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