Shipley restaurateur’s crusade against the scourge of plastic waste

A BRADFORD restaurant owner is leading a crusade against plastic waste, replacing 20,000 containers and 4,000 plastic bags a year with stainless steel take-out tiffins.

Harry Khinda, who runs street food and craft beer restaurant The Crafty Indian in Shipley, has now stopped around 50,000 single-use plastic items from harming the environment since he introduced the scheme a while ago a little over two years.

Harry said: “At The Crafty Indian we are known for doing things differently and we had some good old-fashioned thinking about how we could reduce our use of plastic and that took us on a journey down history to where our parents came from – and we realized the answer was staring us in the face.

Harry Khinda and customers use a tiffin

Indians have used steel tiffins to carry their food with them for generations.

Customers initially buy their tiffin on the spot for £18, but every time someone uses it to collect takeout, they get a 10% discount on their meal.

He first introduced the new measure in 2020, but now wants to inspire other neighborhood restaurant and takeout owners to adopt his idea.

He added: ‘If all the takeaways and restaurants in Bradford followed suit, imagine the amount of plastic that would no longer go to landfill.

So far, the Crafty Indian has sold around 550 tiffins and the number is growing by around three to four every week, Harry says.

Anyone interested in learning more about tiffins and getting involved in the campaign against plastic waste can contact Harry at The Crafty Indian. Call 01274 588 114 or email

Bryce K. Locke