Secaucus repeals plastic bag ban following new state law

Secaucus has officially repealed its ban on carrying single-use plastic bags, though the move follows the state of New Jersey’s ban and only seeks to remove the now superfluous ordinance.

The city was one of the first in Hudson County to enact a ban in 2019 when it first passed its ordinance banning the use of single-use plastic carrier bags in retail establishments. retail and promoting the use of reusable carrier bags to reduce plastic pollution.

Now, Mayor Michael Gonnelli and the Secaucus City Council have determined that the ordinance should be repealed as applicable laws and regulations have been enacted by the state to address it. The new state law went into effect May 4, and includes a ban on pStyrofoam catering products and mandating plastic straws on demand only in addition to banning single-use plastic carrier bags.

According to the order, the council will now support the new law through local business and resident education and enforcement efforts. As a Certified Sustainable Jersey Community, the city strives to promote environmentally responsible practices and sustainable growth through a variety of initiatives.

The council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance repealing its ordinance banning single-use plastic bags. After the meeting, City Administrator Gary Jeffas confirmed that the ordinance was repealed as it was now superseded by state law.

“We did ours a few years ago,” Jeffas said. “So now the state is taking over.”

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Bryce K. Locke