Retail plastic bag makers ahead of sustainability goals

WASHINGTON — The American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance (ARPBA) today announced that U.S. retail plastic bag makers have exceeded their 2021 goal of achieving an average of at least 10% content recycled in every plastic bag they make. This exceptional achievement, in the face of the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, illustrates the importance of sustainability for the industry. Additionally, ARPBA members reported that they are again ahead of schedule to meet or exceed 2023 and 2025 sustainability goals, which include recycled content thresholds of 15% and 20%, respectively. .

To ensure the industry can continue to meet these commitments, ARPBA and its members are investing in consumer education to improve recycling rates through a partnership with STINE, a research and technology company that helps organizations and individuals prioritize the sustainable use of resources and materials. ARPBA will provide financial support to STINA Movie repository directorya resource that helps consumers find retailers participating in the in-store recycling take-back program. The directory allows consumers to easily recycle plastic bags and other films at their local retailers.

Thanks to ARPBA’s commitment to industry-wide sustainability, the plastic retail bags that consumers across the country rely on every day contain more recycled content. » said ARPBA President Matthew Winokur. “We are proud to support STINA’s innovative platform, which will make it easier for consumers to find where to recycle plastic bags and other plastic films through the in-store take-back program. Ultimately, consumers want to see more content recycled into products and it is up to the industry to meet these expectations.

Beyond the requirement to increase levels of recycled content in plastic retail bags, ARPBA’s sustainability commitment also requires industry to increase the combined rate of recycling and reuse of 95% plastic retail bags, a figure the industry is also on track to achieve. Data and research from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Recyc-Quebec indicate that nearly nine out of ten bags, or 90%, are either reused or recycled. ARPBA members continually strive to educate the public about the sustainability of their products and educate consumers about the importance of recycling and reuse.

“American retail plastic bag manufacturers are plastic bag recyclers. Their hard work to exceed these goals demonstrates that for ARPBA members, sustainability is more than just a conversation, it’s is a fundamental principle of the industry”, said ARPBA Director Zachary Taylor. “Supporting initiatives such as the revitalized film drop-off directory is key to achieving our sustainability goals and should help better locate film recycling locations, ensuring they can recycle our products easily and often. limbs and other plastic films.”

About the American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance

The American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance (ARPBA) represents the American plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry, which employs thousands of workers across the United States. Founded in 2005, ARPBA proactively promotes product lines and leads numerous public policy initiatives that serve as the frontline defense against nationwide plastic bag bans and taxes. With the support of industry workers, ARPBA promotes made-in-USA plastic products that are the smarter, greener choice at the checkout counter for retailers and consumers.

SOURCE American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance

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