Purcellville council seeks reduction in county plastic bag tax

A week after the Board of Supervisors voted to impose a countywide tax on plastic shopping bags, Purcellville City Council is lining up for a share of the revenue.

The 5-cent-per-bag fee is set to take effect July 1.

Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to authorize Mayor Kwasi Fraser to send a letter requesting that the county allocate a portion of the bag tax revenue to support environmental projects in Purcellville.

The letter acknowledges that the General Assembly did not authorize cities to impose the tax or allow counties to distribute revenue to cities. However, as home to many stores serving West Loudoun, the letter argues for a commitment to help fund city programs.

“Given that the county tax will fall on grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies in the town of Purcellville serving both the town and the county of Western Loudoun, we believe it is critical that the earmarking of the tax collected is in the immediate interests of the community served,” the letter states.

He proposes that a portion of the proceeds be used to support the city’s environmental cleanup, education programs designed to reduce environmental waste in the city, mitigate pollution and litter in Purcellville, and provide reusable bags. low-income city residents.

“In short, we are interested in the fair and equitable appropriation of the income collected. This point should not be underestimated because apparently taxes are levied to meet a collective need which, in this case, is based on the environment. Allocation of collected revenues should be based on needs from a local perspective. We look forward to working with you and your staff to ensure that the environmental interests of Purcellville and its neighbors in Western Loudoun County are served when it comes time to direct taxpayer dollars to authorized uses,” said the letter.

Bryce K. Locke