Plastic waste constituting 40-50% of total waste by 2050

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Director of the Ministry of Environment and Forest Waste Reduction, Sinta Saptarina Soemiarno, has warned that without an effective policy and program, plastic waste could constitute 40 to 50% of total waste in 2050.

“The variety of plastic packaging waste is increasing globally or nationally. The composition has increased from 10-11% to 16-17% of the national average,” Soemiarno said during a webinar on Thursday.

Soemiarno called on the government and the private sector to make various concrete efforts to manage the increase in plastic packaging waste.

She drew attention to the fact that the UN had declared plastic waste a pollutant, with major impacts on the Earth. Indonesia, as a member of the UN, is committed to supporting efforts to reduce plastic waste.

As a form of concrete efforts to reduce plastic pollution, the government has issued regulations on the management of plastic waste through Ministerial Regulations No. 75 of 2019 on Environment and Forests.

The government seeks to maintain the economic value of plastic waste and reuse it as much as possible, Soemiarno pointed out.

The regulation also serves as a basis for producers to develop the principle of sustainability and responsibility in their businesses, making it not an option, but rather an obligation for the sustainability of humanity and the planet.

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In addition, Law No. 18 of 2008 on waste management stipulates that in the management of household waste, everyone must reduce and treat waste by applying environmentally friendly methods, according to Soemiarno.

Waste reduction can be achieved by limiting the pile of waste and recycling and reusing waste.

Contractors are also urged to use production materials that produce the least waste possible as well as materials that can be reused, recycled and/or easily decomposed through natural processes.

“Let’s now sort and process the waste, starting with our own,” stressed Soemiarno.

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Bryce K. Locke