Plastic pollution poisons NC

Plastic pollution is poisoning our state. We’ve seen the proof in plastic waste that can’t be recycled and harms wildlife, and we know we need to act now to protect our environment and our health.

This massive problem is overwhelming and the solution is not a simple answer. For many years, we have been pointing the finger at problematic consumer habits or producers who are not dealing with the end of life of their products.

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The continuing tension between local governments and the legislature is only making matters worse. Right now, the legality of taxes versus fees dominates the conversation here in North Carolina. These questions blur the objective underlying the implementation of these policies.

Ultimately, we all want a cleaner environment. The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association and anti-plastic supporters want to see a North Carolina free of single-use plastic pollution that poisons our waterways and beaches.

People in North Carolina don’t want or need that much plastic waste. Unfortunately, the opposition is so strong that it has become difficult to find a solution, which is why we must approach this issue from all angles.

We have a chance to become leaders on plastic pollution, and we know other states are watching the outcome of our decisions. We need Governor Roy Cooper to take executive action to eliminate plastics in state government and take the first step toward a plastic-free future for North Carolina.

Krista Early, Attorney, North Carolina Environment


Bryce K. Locke