Plastic bag ban could be coming to the town of Easton | Recent news

EASTON, Md. — Plastic bags are considered by many to be a convenient way to package groceries and other items. But others worry about their environmental impact and sustainability.

Easton’s Amanda Kane says plastic bags are a problem.

“Plastic won’t biodegrade like paper, which I think would be better,” Kane said.

But Lewis Plugge sees their usefulness, despite understanding environmental concerns.

“I like plastic bags because my wife uses them for other things. I mean years ago they had paper bags and then they got too expensive so they switched to plastic,” Plugge said.

The proposed order would mean that there would be no more single-use plastic bags. This means that if you don’t come to the store with your own reusable bag, you would be forced to buy another single-use bag which would cost you 10 cents.

Alan Girard of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation says plastic bags are harmful to wildlife.

“As they degrade in the sun and wind through abrasion, they can enter the water that flows into our rivers and streams,” Girard said.

Plastic Free Easton’s Marion Arnold says she wants to see Easton lead the charge on this issue.

“Together we can do something real and tangible against a major source of plastic pollution here in Easton,” Arnold said.

The city council is currently reviewing the draft ordinance, but no timetable has been set for when a vote might take place.

Bryce K. Locke