Mold Plastic Reduction Group fears pollution Jubilee Plastic

The Mold Plastic Reduction Group (MPR) shared their tips for reducing plastic pollution during Jubilee celebrations.

With the upcoming four-day weekend, the plastic pollution committee fears the ‘faster option’ of single-use plastics during the celebrations could increase plastic waste in Flintshire.


Shannon Jones, a member of the MPR steering committee, fears the Flintshire sites will end up “being a dumping ground for waste”.

Ms Jones said: ‘It’s the quickest option to use single-use plastics and cutlery rather than washing. And more harmful to our planet. And how many people will recycle their waste?

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The group shared the following tips for sustainably celebrating the Jubilee;

  • Use fabric banners and fabric flags.
  • rubber latex balloons
  • Cloth tablecloths
  • Dishes, cutlery, washable/reusable glasses

The team said: “If you have an event try to use the above and if you have any scraps recycle as much as possible. If the things you use for the event are reusable, it will save waste.

The Mold Plastic Reduction Group was formed in May 2019 and achieved plastic-free community status within a year of its launch.

The Leader: Plastic Mold Reduction CommitteeMold Plastics Reduction Committee

According to their website, of the average 320 million tons of plastic generated worldwide, mold contributes about 43 tons per year.

In 2020 the MPR Group produced a guide to recycling points in Flintshire;

The group says residents can take soft plastics like packets of crisps, bread bags, salad bags to a local Tesco for recycling.

Bryce K. Locke