Letter to the editor: Plastic pollution is a big problem – Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

Plastic pollution is a huge problem all over our planet. My goal is to raise awareness about it, its causes, and share ways to stop it.

One cause is that it’s hard to get people to recycle, get them to believe in the reality and/or seriousness of plastic pollution, and get them to help clean up the plastic. There is no physical way to stop them, but you can try to convince them.

Another cause is overproduction and overreliance on plastic, which is mostly single-use plastic. This plastic will then end up in landfill, roads, waterways and the ocean. We use plastic to wrap food, eat, build, and even plastic vinyl gloves for medical work.

All of these forms of plastic break down into microplastics, which find their way into our atmosphere, the food chain, and our bodies! These microplastics are certainly harmful to our health.

How can we change this? Helping to stop plastic pollution can be as simple as simply throwing recyclable plastic in the recycling bin or picking up plastic waste. We can convince people to help stop plastic pollution by writing and speaking out. We can support the global ban on single-use plastics.

We can use reusable water bottles and reusable garbage bags. We can stop being so dependent on plastic, by reducing our plastic purchases. Consumers can ask companies to use a material other than plastic. We can substitute another material for plastic and use containers made from different materials such as glass or cardboard.

In conclusion, we have seen that plastic pollution is a big problem that greatly harms our environment and our health, but we have also seen that if we work together we can reduce and even stop plastic pollution.

Matthew Lux,
Seventh grade student from Crosslake Community School

This letter was written as part of an environmental civic project at Crosslake Community School, where one option was to raise awareness by writing a letter to the editor.

Bryce K. Locke