“Kalinisan Karaban” in Pangasinan produces 80 tons of plastic waste – Manila Bulletin

“Kalinisan Karaban” in Pangasinan produces 80 tons of plastic waste

LINGAYEN, Pangasina Some 1.6 million pesos worth of groceries were recently distributed by the provincial government of Pangasinan in exchange for 80 tons of plastic waste as part of the continued implementation of its “Kalinisan Karaban”.

Photo courtesy of Pangasinan Province Official Facebook Page

Mounds of plastic waste were collected in the towns of Bautista on March 4, Basista (March 1 and 2), Asingan (February 11) and Tayug (February 8).

The Kalinisan Karaban is an innovative environmental protection program that incentivizes Pangasinenses to convert plastic waste into valuables under a “plastics-for-goods program”.

The Kalinisan Karaban encourages Pangasinenses to collect plastic waste such as shampoo sachets, plastic bottles and caps, sandbags, plastic cups, spoons and forks, candy wrappers and other plastic waste to be exchanged against products such as groceries, school supplies and others. elements.

The Kalinisan Karaban was launched on January 6, 2019 on the Capitol grounds here.

Shopping days are regularly announced on the official Facebook page of Pangasinan Province.



Bryce K. Locke