Historic international conference announced to help end plastic pollution

Newswise – A global gathering of plastics experts is taking place in Portsmouth this autumn.

Hosted by Revolutionary plastics at the University of Portsmouth, PlasticsFuture 2022 hopes to find innovative solutions to the global plastics crisis. The conference will take a unique approach to finding solutions to end plastic pollution by embracing science, politics and the creative arts.

Professor Steve Fletcherdirector of the Global Plastics Policy Center at the University of Portsmouth, says: “Our aim is to create a conference like no other. Technology doesn’t have all the answers and we want to look at untapped alternative sources to solve the global plastic crisis. By bringing together a range of disciplines under one roof, we hope to provoke creative solutions that will provide decision makers with a rich evidence base on which to base policy.

The mission-driven conference will focus on sharing research and initiatives from a wide range of stakeholders including; researchers, activists, community members, non-governmental organizations, industry, policy makers and practitioners around the world. Global thought leaders will share their knowledge, discuss recent advances and reveal exciting new ideas in our efforts to end plastic pollution.

PlasticsFuture 2022 will help build an evidence base to drive change. Professor Steve Fletcher is one of the keynote speakers and says, “The transdisciplinary nature of the conference will allow for a more comprehensive holistic approach to addressing plastics issues – and will include expertise from all fields. Ultimately, PlasticsFuture 2022 will bring a new philosophical perspective to the fight against plastic pollution.

Experts and practitioners will come to Portsmouth from all over the world. Keynote speakers include Von Hernandez of the Philippines, one of Asia’s leading environmental activists and the global coordinator of the “Free yourself from plastic” movement.

Nelson Munyiri comes from Kenya to speak at the conference. Born and raised in the informal settlement of Mukuru in Nairobi, he is the founder of the Mukuru Youth Initiative that engages young people to be agents of change within their own communities. Nelson is a recording and performing artist who focuses on human rights and social change, inspiring people to take action on issues like plastic pollution through music.

Professor Judi Wakhungu is Kenya’s Ambassador to the French Republic, Portugal, Serbia and the Holy See and will also speak at Plastics Future 2022. From 2013 to 2018, she served as Kenya’s Minister of Environment and Natural Resources . Plastics legislation during his tenure as minister is unrivaled anywhere in the world, including the 2017 law banning the “use, manufacture and importation” of plastic bags in Kenya.

Plastics Future 2022 will take place from November 1-3 at the University of Portsmouth. Registration opens in July. The organizers are now asking for abstracts, short talks, posters, performances and exhibitions as well as proposals to organize workshops or chair a panel discussion at the conference.

The University of Portsmouth is home to the Global Plastics Policy Center, designed to give governments and industry groups the evidence they need to make better plastic policy decisions and find sustainable solutions to tackle plastic pollution around the world. The Global Plastics Policy Center is the latest significant development of the Revolutionary plastics initiative, which places the University of Portsmouth at the forefront of the plastics debate.

Bryce K. Locke