Falls Church Plastic Bag Tax Begins Friday

It’s not April Fool’s Day: Falls Church’s 5-cent plastic bag tax is in effect starting Friday.

This is not an April Fool : Falls Church 5 cent plastic bag tax is in effect from Friday.

According to the city, about twenty businesses are affected, including grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies.

The easiest way to avoid the tax is to bring your own reusable bags or opt for paper bags.

Money from the tax will go to environmental clean-up programs, pollution and waste mitigation programs, educational programs on reducing environmental waste, and providing reusable bags to neighbors in the need, the city said.

There are a few exceptions. The 5 cent tax will not apply:

  • Durable plastic bags, with handles, specially designed and manufactured to be reused and at least four thousandths of an inch thick
  • Plastic bags used only to wrap, contain or package ice cream, meat, fish, poultry, foodstuffs, unwrapped bulk foods or perishables to prevent damage or contamination
  • Plastic bags used to carry dry cleaning products or prescription drugs
  • Several plastic bags sold in bundles and intended for use as garbage, animal droppings or leaf removal bags

The Virginia General Assembly has agreed to localities taxing plastic bags back in 2020. Neighboring jurisdictions began their bag taxes in January.

More information can be found online.

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