Face, legs in plastic bag, man found dead in apartment | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: A 65-year-old man was found dead in his first-floor apartment near Bijoygarh market in South Kolkata on Tuesday morning. Nidhir Chandra Kundu, a former state government employee and now a photographer, was found with his face and legs wrapped in plastic. The body had begun to decompose, cops said, suggesting he died late Saturday night or Sunday.
Joint CP (crime) Murlidhar Sharma said they suspected it was a murder. “We can confirm once we receive the post-mortem report,” Sharma said.
DCP Atul V, who went to the scene to investigate, said the body was stuffed under the bed. Police sources said the accused used sheets and duvets to hide the body.
“The accused had turned on all the fans inside the house but had turned off all the lights. As the house had a self-locking system, the accused simply closed the door when leaving,” a source said.
Police said, at first glance, no injuries were noticed on the body. “We believe he was hit in the head. However, it was not easy to find a wound as the body had started to decompose a long time ago. The autopsy report should establish what we suspect,” said said a senior Lalbazar officer.
Several expensive electronic items belonging to Kundu – a laptop, cameras, a television and his cell phone – disappeared from the house. “We are trying to determine if there is also money and jewelry missing. At this time, we believe it could be a for-profit murder. However, all other possible angles, including personal enmity, are also checked,” an officer said.
“A relative had come to his home on Tuesday and had received no response despite several presses on the call bell. He then inquired with neighbors who said they last spotted him on Saturday evening when he was out buying bread and milk. That’s when they contacted Kundu’s nephew. This nephew had a key. When they opened the door, a foul smell greeted them. They searched the apartment and recovered the body from under the bed,” a lead investigator said.
Cops said Kundu retired as a security guard with the state department of women and children’s development and was last assigned to the new treasury building in Alipore in 2017. His wife died 10 years ago. The couple had no children. Her mother – Tara Bala Kundu (92) had visited Bijoygarh apartment about a week ago and she injured herself after falling in the bathroom. After that, she went to her brother. Every day, the victim called his mother. As there was no call from him, the relative came to his house and checked the matter. .

Bryce K. Locke