Eco-friendly bench made from 200 kg of plastic waste inaugurated at Kadri Park

Eco-friendly bench made from 200 kg of plastic waste inaugurated at Kadri Park

Mangaluru: An Eco Seat Bench, an initiative of the Canara Organization for Development and Peace and Kamadhenu/Kalpavraksha Mahasanghas of CODP, was inaugurated on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, at Kadri Park, by Corporal Shakeela Kava.

No less than 175 plastic bottles, 200 kg of plastic and 750 kg of clay were used to build the park’s ecological bench.

CODP Director, Fr. Vincent Dsouza, in his presidential speech, spoke about the concept of Self-Help Groups, how the approach of CODP’s development activities changed from self-help to empowerment and how SHGs contribute to the development process through such activities. He hoped that more SHGs would be formed in Kadri Ward under Smt Shakeela Kava, so that more women could be empowered and benefit from the various government programs available for their development.

Addressing the rally, Corporal Shakeela Kava said, “Plastic has been used in the right way to build an eco-bench at Kadri Park. Plastic is a threat to the environment and getting rid of it is a challenge. CODP came up with a brilliant idea to reuse plastic in building benches. I hope CODP will pick up such projects in other places as well.

CODP program manager Lenet Gonsalves explained in detail how this eco-friendly seating concept came about. She said: “In 2018, Ida Nitsche, a student from Germany was placed at the CODP for a few months to do her internship. Shocked to see waste being dumped around, Ida inspired the eco-bricks project where plastic waste can be reused in a simple process. Plastic bottles filled with plastic bags, packets of crisps and other non-biodegradable waste have been transformed into eco-bricks. By getting involved with the students of Mangaluru, Ida raised awareness in young minds about waste management and set up an eco-bricks project in three schools”.

“With the help of eco-bricks, we have built such eco-benches in 15 places, including Ullal beach, CODP office, schools in Bajpe and other schools as well.”

Deputy Director of Horticulture Department Janaki V. appreciated CODP’s initiative to try to educate people through the concept of building eco-friendly seating in public places.

Father Francis X Gomes, former Principal of Puttur College; Smt Jayalakshmi, President of Kalpavruksha Mahasangha; Smt Sathyavathi President of Kamadhenu Mahasangha, members of SHGs and others were present.

Bryce K. Locke