Cuyahoga County Towns Should Waive Plastic Bag Ban

Cleveland, Strongsville, North Olmsted, Independence and Brooklyn have waived plastic bag bans initiated by Cuyahoga County Council’s Sunny Simon and Dale Miller.

All other county towns are also expected to opt out.

Plastic bags are necessary because they are convenient for customers and can be returned to their retailers to be recycled into plastic lumber for garden furniture, park benches and playground equipment.

Banning plastic bags will lead to job losses among plastic bag manufacturers.

Reusable bags must be washed between each use or they will contaminate the counter. Paper bags are not strong and tear and leak.

Instead of banning plastic bags, Simon and Miller should focus on plastic bottle pollution, as separate collection is not offered for apartments. This pollutes our landfills with plastics that could be recycled.

Stores will have to pay fines if they still use plastic bags ($100 to $500). How will these fees be collected and used? Is there a monetary incentive behind this order?

Every local council has the power to opt out of the plastic bag ban, and residents who are against the issue should get involved and contact their local councilor or start a grassroots campaign.

Jeanne Coppola,


Bryce K. Locke