Chocked Ponda nullah fills adjacent plantation with plastic waste

Jul 04, 2022 | 08:13 IST

Chocked Ponda nullah fills adjacent plantation with plastic waste

Santosh Naik

PONDA: From the streets and the nullahs, the plastic threat has now reached the plantations. Curti Khandepar farmer, Philip Dias plantation was flooded with plastic waste dumped in the adjacent nullah.

Dias, who resides near Upper Bazaar, complained that his plantation was inundated with trucks full of plastic as the nullah passing by his plantation was choked with rubbish at Bazzar Mallal.

Speaking to Herald, he said he wanted the Panchayat to save his plantation from this plastic menace. Heaps of plastic waste are strewn inside the plantation and he worries about the trees.

The 75-year-old said: ‘The upstream of the nullah has become a dumping ground for household waste and plastic so it gets choked up and during heavy rains the nullah overflows and the floating plastic is washed into the plantation’ .

Dias further said that the couple went to great lengths to maintain the plantation. However, with the piles of plastic, they have new problems that are difficult to solve on their own.

He said, “For two years, I have faced this problem. I am unemployed and depend on the plantation for my livelihood.

He urged the Curti Khandepar Panchayat to clean up the nullah.

“If the plastic continues to stay inside my plantation, it will damage the trees,” he added.

Stating that Priya Chari, a member of Curti ZP, inspected the plantation, he said, “Some workers collected the garbage in bags, but heaps of garbage need to be cleaned up to save my plantation.”

Bryce K. Locke