A mermaid swims in the Firth of Forth to raise awareness of plastic pollution

She crossed the estuary on Friday afternoon, passing under Forth Bridge as she swam.

This isn’t her first mermaid adventure. In 2018, she swam along the Thames in her tail – rescuing a drowning calf along the way.

Ms Cole’s goal for the swim was to raise awareness of the plastic pandemic and its effects on wildlife. However, she didn’t expect to directly save an animal on her 200-mile journey.

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The ‘urban mermaid’ was swimming in Oxfordshire when she saw what she thought was a giant white plastic bag.

However, as she approached, she realized that it was a cow, which had fallen into the water from a bank. His support team called the RSPCA and six firefighters came to get the injured animal out of the river.

This experience inspired Mrs. Cole to write a children’s book – The Mermaid and the Cow. In the book, which is aimed at children aged three to eight, she hopes to inspire young readers to help save our animal friends from plastic pollution.

Lindsey Cole, an ‘urban mermaid’, who hopes to raise awareness of the plastic pandemic with her swimming adventure in the Firth of Forth.

“Climate change can be a daunting problem,” Ms Cole said. “So being a mermaid and telling stories is a way to talk about serious matters in an engaging, entertaining and light-hearted way.”

“The Mermaid and the Cow” wading under the Forth Bridge.

Bryce K. Locke