Now Tiruchi residents can earn money while eliminating plastic waste

Tiruchi Corporation, in association with a company based in Tirupur, has launched a program to buy plastic and electronic waste at the doorstep of residents.

As part of this initiative, a bag worth ₹6 will be distributed to all households with a list of unwanted or used items that can be stored in it. Members of the Self Help Group (SHG) will visit households once a fortnight to collect waste. They will weigh the goods and pay ₹12 per kg.

Articles such as plastic covers, bags, bottles, boxes and other plastic articles, newspapers, packaging and packaging boxes, iron, aluminum, stainless steel , televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, cell phones and other electronic items are among the items that can be donated to SHG members.

The Money Bin, the company that has been contracted to carry out the project, will pay ₹5 per kg to SHG members for the service. The waste will then be transported to a common center, where it will be sorted into different categories. Depending on their condition, they will be sent for recycling.

District 27 has been selected for the implementation of the program on a pilot basis. Depending on its success, it will be implemented in the remaining 64 districts of the city.

Mayor M. Anbazhagan, who launched the scheme in Thennur on Tuesday, said the idea was not only to eliminate plastic waste at the source, but also to give monetary benefit to residents and SHG members. This would reduce the amount of solid waste transported to microcomposting sites.

Arun Vignesh, director of the company, said around 4,000 households in Ward 27 would receive the collection bags. It was estimated that approximately 8,000 kg of plastic waste would be collected from the service once every 15 days. The initiative will be extended to all neighborhoods.

Bryce K. Locke