Defunkify removes over 41,000 pounds of plastic waste from

OREGON, Feb. 23. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Defunkify, the household cleaning brand committed to removing harmful toxic chemicals from our homes, today announced that in 2021 it removed more than 41,000 pounds of plastic waste from oceans and waterways, while empowering marginalized workers to better tackle plastic pollution in their communities, in partnership with rePurpose Global.

In 2021, Defunkify eliminated 41,571 pounds of plastic waste that would otherwise have been burned, sent to landfills, or dumped into the ocean and waterways. Defunkify is tackling the pressing problem of plastic pollution in its industry by funding the recovery of as much nature-related plastic waste as it uses in its packaging and distribution. This commitment is part of a broader packaging strategy that includes innovative solutions to reduce plastic waste throughout their supply chain.

Defunkify contributes a percentage of every product purchase to plastic reduction efforts. Through its partnership with rePurpose Global, Defunkify not only takes ownership of its plastic footprint, but also adds a crucial source of income for waste workers and their families in West Java, Indonesia.

Today, informal waste workers often earn less than $5 a day, work in precarious conditions and face severe discrimination. This partnership creates an additional revenue stream by reclaiming low-value plastics, while supporting Waste4Change, an experienced recycling social enterprise that holistically uplifts waste workers through workplace safety, health insurance and professional training.

“We are proud to have funded the recovery of over 41,000 pounds of plastic from nature, taking into account everything that directly affects the products we sell (every bottle, every cap, every spray nozzle, every bag and even duct tape) and we plan to go even further in 2022,” says Richard Geiger, CEO of Defunkify. “We focus on transparency when it comes to our ingredients and product formulation. We list all of our ingredients, along with their source and purpose directly on the label, and we’re no different when it comes to the transparency of our packaging.

“The fact that positively impacting people and the planet is a core value that Defunkify and rePurpose Global share, makes them such a catalytic partnership. We hope the impact Defunkify helps encourage other cleaning brands to take responsibility for their own plastic waste and impact on the environment,” said Aditya Siroya, co-founder and chief impact officer of rePurpose Globalthe world’s first plastic action platform.

From formulation to packaging, every decision Defunkify makes is rooted in science and a strong mission to create a better, cleaner tomorrow. Since 2019, the company has been offsetting its entire carbon footprint using verified carbon credits and donating 1% of its sales to environmental causes. In 2020 and 2021, Defunkify won the EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award with its ProvenSafe™ process.


Defunkify is a brand of household cleaning products that is committed to removing harmful toxic chemicals from our homes. Founded by experts in green chemistry, Defunkify formulates laundry detergents, stain removers and surface cleaners that are the most effective products on the market for eliminating odors, stains and grime, and are safer than conventional products. with 100% non-toxic ingredients. They are currently working to have all of their products safety verified by the EWG, following the successful certification of their liquid laundry detergents. Their products also received the US EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year award in 2020 and 2021. Defunkify uses its ProvenSafe™ process to formulate its high-performance products in-house with a selection of innovative ingredients and cutting-edge technology. toxicity analysis to form the most effective solutions that are safe for people and the planet. Consumers can rest easy knowing that Defunkify products deliver exceptional performance, without the use of toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances, and offer full ingredient transparency, right on the bottle. For more information about Defunkify, visit or connect with us on Instagram @defunkify, on Facebook @defunkify or on Twitter @_defunkify.

rePurpose Global is the world’s leading plastics action platform dedicated to reducing waste, reviving lives and restoring the balance of nature. Through its pioneering ecosystem of solutions that encompass advice, action and advocacy, the organization helps individuals and businesses calculate, reduce and offset their plastic footprint, while empowering local innovators to solve the future of the planet.

To date, rePurpose Global has created systemic change for people in 26 countries and hundreds of helpful brands around the world, such as Grove Collaborative, AB InBev, The Hut Group, Google and Colgate. On behalf of its global coalition, the organization removes millions of pounds of plastic waste from nature each year and in doing so positively impacts the lives of over 10,000 marginalized waste workers and community members across the whole world. Learn more here:


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