Defunkify adds to plastic reduction efforts

Cleaning products maker Defunkify has done its part to reduce plastic waste in 2021, removing more than 41,000 pounds of the material from oceans and waterways.

(Defunkify is a great name. It sounds like the name of a band that would have opened for The Gap Band in 1982. They might have returned to the stage for an encore of “You Dropped A Bomb On Me.”)

Defunkify, based in Eugene, Oregon, worked with rePurpose Global on the reduction effort. In a press release, Defunkify officials said the company is “addressing the pressing problem of plastic pollution…by funding the recovery of as much nature-related plastic waste as it uses in its packaging and distribution”. They added that this commitment “is part of a broader packaging strategy that includes innovative solutions to reduce plastic waste throughout their supply chain.”

Defunkify contributes a percentage of every product purchase to plastic reduction efforts. Through its partnership with rePurpose Global, the company is also adding a source of income for waste workers and their families in West Java, Indonesia.

“We are proud to have funded the recovery of over 41,000 pounds of plastic from nature, representing everything that directly affects the products we sell – every bottle, every cap, every spray nozzle, every bag and even the duct tape – and we plan to go even further in 2022,” CEO Richard Geiger said in the statement.

Since 2019, Defunkify has offset its total carbon footprint by using verified carbon credits and donating 1% of its sales to environmental causes. In 2020 and 2021, the company won the EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year award.

Officials said Defunkify’s laundry detergents, stain removers and surface cleaners are safer than conventional products and contain 100% non-toxic ingredients.

Bryce K. Locke